Weighted Blanket for
Better Sleep
Fans of the blankets say the pressure feels like a firm hug

Science behind Weighted Blanket

Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) is firm but gentle squeezing like hugs that relaxes the nervous system.

Positive effects include:

  • General sense of calm that can last up to a few hours after therapy
  • Decreased overall anxiety when practiced regularly
  • Increased happiness
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improved focus attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHS)
  • Eases symptoms of restless leg syndrome
  • Fights back against stress
  • Helps manage obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Manages autism symptoms
  • Helps the elderly
Women unboxing myBeddie weighted blanket

The Hidden Costs of Insufficient Sleep

Science has produced a strong body of evidence showing how lack of sleep impairs not only a variety of bodily functions, but also cognitive processes such as memory and executive control.

63% of participants who used weighted blankets reported lower anxiety and 78% felt more relaxed.

Weighted Blanket was found to be effective at improving sleep quality in recognized insomniacs, both in parameters measured objectively and subjectively.

Subjectively reported symptoms, including sleep dysfunction, pain, and stress, were reduced or eliminated in nearly all subjects.

Lets be better at being awake!

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What are people saying?

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A good night of sleep is soooo important, this is the best investment I have made in a long time for myself. First off I have always been a restless sleeper. This blanket has given me sleep that I thought I would never have again. I sleep with my windows open and this blanket comes with a perfect bamboo/ soft minky cover that I can use according to the season. Great quality! Absolutely love it!
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Wow! I bought this blanket because I'm both a sufferer of anxiety and a hot sleeper, so my hope was to both find a blanket that wouldn't make me uncomfortably hot while also providing me the same experience many have claimed to have with weighted blankets regarding less tossing and calming the mind. I woke so rested, no panic attack all day & my RA was also not as painful. I sleep so good with this blanket! Love love love! The blanket itself and duvet is soft and looks great. Like the Cooling/Warming sides and natural Bamboo effect. I highly recommend it for anyone who has a sleeping problem, for whatever reason.
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Okay the packaging is nice and I love the quality box it came in. The next thing that I want to mention is the Natural Cooling Bamboo and the eye Mask. It is oh so soft! The cover is washable and has a zipper to remove it. It is made of high quality material. You can see that it is made with great skill and care. I posted up close pics so that you can see the quality in the stitching. That is so important in keeping the beads from shifting for a great night of calming sleep. The Warm Minky Side is going to be so great in the winter time. I just love this weighted blanket. It is surely going to help with anxiety and sleep.
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I have been researching weighted blankets for few months now and finally found the one. Here are things I would like to point out: - it has a fantastic cover with Natural cooling Bamboo and soft warming Minky fabric
- the cover ties to the blanket so it doesn’t slip and the blanket remains evenly distributed
- most of the other blankets come without the cover so you have to spend more money to purchase both
- it actually works like it says
- this blanket has changed my life!
The quality is excellent. Sewing on blanket pockets looks nice and secure. I have to say that I am sleeping better and wake up more rested with a better mood. I am very pleased and recommended this blanket to all my friends and coworkers!
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I've been sleeping with a myBeddie weight blanket for a while now. At first use, the extra weight on the body seemed a little unusual, but I remembered sleeping under a cotton blanket with my grandmother, but the feeling was the same without the heat. Since I am a relatively anxious sleeper and sometimes when I wake up at night I can't sleep, I can very well switch my thoughts to the body feeling under this blankett, because under this product you can feel the increased contact area through additional weight. It helps me calm down and go to a lower frequency and fall asleep again. Most certainly, this product promotes the development of the meditative state and thus also rapid sleep.
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Love the quality as they fixed some issues cheaper blankets have. The bamboo/minky cover is so soft and it keeps a nice cool temperature. I must say, I sleep so much better with this blanket. It is a bit pricy but worth the money! I think my friend(s) is going to get one too since I rave about it so much 🙂